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How to submit your music to A&R


How to submit demos to any of the labels in the Nbd Music Group or Something Different Music Group.

Before you click send over your music here’s some tips on how to send your music to us:
1. Listen to what’s been released (the music is on various platforms) and only send us what you think will suit the label.
2. Send over at least 4 -5 tracks, if we like what we hear we’ll be intouch.

  1. Label your tracks (eg. This Track Is Great – My Track (Original Mix)).
  2. Give us any other info about you (eg. other labels and producers you’ve worked with).
  3. Don’t attach music to emails. Send a link to a private soundcloud so we can stream (please don’t include download links or attach a file).
  4. Avoid sending out mass demos – if you’re sending it to other labels, we won’t even listen to the tracks you have sent (tip if you do, don’t Cc us all in).
  5. If the track uses samples you will be personally responsible for clearing them and supplying me with clearance at a later stage – think about that now to save us all the aggro later.
  6. Be Patient! The amount of prog house, hard house techno jibber jack, dubstep, jackin houseand other music I get means it might take me a while to come back to you – but I will! If you’re going to chase me up – give me a few days at least! 😉

9. And when you’ve ticked all those boxes, email us.

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