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Nbd Recordings

House Deep House Garage 2 Step Bass HouseHouse Deep House Garage 2 Step Bass House

Nbd Recordings was first formed when Gallup and Radio 1 still produced TOP OF THE POPS.

Although formed in the 80's we started producing House Deep House Garage 2 Step Bass House. That is to say in fact, we were ahead of our time.

To this end, today we are producing Deep House. We still love garage, although overall it has changed its style a little. We have plenty of releases scheduled for next summer and are pleased to announce a recent licensing deal.

In Addition, we have a great singer Leia who has a fantastic voice. With such power she always has the engineer worrying about her voice overloading the microphone circuits, Her debut release is early next year....stay tuned for more details.

Moreover, we have a back catalogue of Garage Vinyl, there are fourteen 12" records we still have in storage, they are moving across the bottom of the screen. Our back catalogue can be found here  But it is best to contact us directly as some of these tracks are being re-mastered furthermore some are due to be deleted.

We love to remix other people's work and have enjoyed working with others immensely, we are always up for collaboration so contact us for further details.

If you have any tracks that need mastering and releasing and you not sure how to go about this, please get in contact we might be able to help. You can submit your demos using the link above.

Not only are we particularly looking for good female vocalists, but also male voices are of equal importance and can still apply, again please submit your demos using the links above.

Finally, in addition, and to sum up keep producing music because we love to dance.

Please take advantage of our Demo uploads page, you can submit your tracks for possible release, maybe some remix duties??

Submit your Demo Here


Nbd Recordings 1988
Nbd Recordings